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Good Condition Bonus

If you return your car in good condition, you could be eligible to receive our Good Condition Bonus. The amount you receive depends on the length of the agreement: it's currently £600 for a three-year lease and £900 for a five-year lease. The Good Condition Bonus is our way of saying thank you for looking after your Motability Scheme car. When you return your car at the end of your lease, it is sold, either online through a network of dealers, or at an auction house. Handing back your car in good condition helps us to achieve the best prices, keeping costs low for all our customers.


When you hand back your car, your dealer will take a photo and brief description of the car's condition. We know that over the course of your lease your car may show signs of wear and tear including minor scratches, dents or damage caused by wheelchairs or other mobility aids. However, if your car shows no sign of serious damage, you could be eligible for the bonus. You may still be entitled even if you have made an insurance claim or have a car on a low mileage lease extension.

Receiving your bonus

We will automatically send the bonus to you if you’re in line to receive it, so there is no need to contact us. The quickest way to receive this payment is by bank transfer, which you can do by updating your bank details in your Motability Scheme online account. You can also request payment by bank transfer with your dealer when returning your car. If you do not update your bank details we will send the payment by cheque instead. You should receive the payment within 5 days of the car being returned if we arrange a bank transfer, or within 28 days if we send a cheque.

Please note, if you requested an early payment of your £600 GCB due to the COVID-19 situation you will not receive this payment again. If your lease is for longer than three years, you will receive the balance of this payment. For example, if you are a WAV customer in a five-year lease you will receive a £300 payment as the balance of your GCB.

To receive this payment when it's due by bank transfer, sign in to your account and navigate to 'Your payment details'. If you’ve already updated your preference to bank transfer, please double check your details are still correct before you return your vehicle. You can easily update these in your online account if they have changed.

Taking care of your car

There are some simple things you can do throughout your lease to make sure your car performs well and is kept in a good condition.

Servicing is included in the cost of your lease and it’s important to respond to any service requests from your dealer. In between services, you should carry out the following regular checks:

  • Paintwork - wash the car regularly to maintain its paintwork
  • Lights - check they are clean and working properly
  • Engine oil level
  • Windscreen washer fluid level
  • Engine cooling system level
  • Tyres (including your spare) - check they’re at the right pressure and are not worn below the legal limit of 1.6mm

You should also:

  • Ensure all faults are put right quickly
  • Respond to any manufacturer recall eg if a faulty part needs replacing

If you have any queries about maintaining your car, please ask your managing dealer.

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