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Taking your car abroad

Your insurance cover allows you to take your Motability Scheme car abroad within the European Union and to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but there are a few important documents that you will need to take with you.

VE103 certificate

All Motability Scheme customers need to take a VE103 (Vehicle on Hire) form when travelling to foreign countries in a Motability Scheme car. It proves you are allowed to take the car abroad and will cover you for 12 months. You can get this from RAC Motability Assist.

Telephone the special RAC Motability Assist foreign travel line on 0800 73 133 10 at least three weeks before you intend to travel to obtain a VE103 certificate.

Green Cards 

You can take your Motability Scheme car abroad within the European Union (EU) and to Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein free of charge for up to 90 days in any 12-month period.

In the months after the United Kingdom left the EU, a Green Card, which proves your vehicle is insured when driving in Europe, was required to drive in the countries listed above. But from 1 August 2021, you no longer need a Green Card to drive your Scheme vehicle in these countries. 

However, please note that if you are towing a caravan or trailer this may need a Green Card of its own. You can request this from RSAM by calling 0300 037 3737 . They will issue a Green Card free of charge, but please be aware they will only provide third party cover whilst the trailer or caravan is attached to your Motability Scheme vehicle.

Your driving licence

If you have a UK photocard driving licence, your licence will still be valid when taking your Scheme car abroad. Some countries require you to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to your UK driving licence, but at this time, none of the countries that you can visit in your Scheme vehicle are planning to implement this for photocard driving licence holders.

However, if you only hold a paper driving licence you may need an IDP to visit certain European countries. More information on IDPs can be found on the Government’s websiteOpens in new window , the Post Office’s websiteOpens in new window or from the Government of the specific country you are visiting.

European breakdown cover

When you request your VE103 you’ll be able to include RAC European Breakdown Cover at no extra cost. If you choose to travel abroad without arranging breakdown cover you’ll be responsible for all recovery charges in the event of a breakdown. To discuss your breakdown cover with RAC Motability Assist, telephone the special foreign travel line on 0800 73 133 10

More about breakdown cover

Country specific rules and regulations

Make sure you check whether there are any specific motoring regulations in the country you are visiting. For example, in some European countries it is compulsory to pack high visibility jackets and a warning triangle in your boot.

Most countries also now require you to display a 'UK' sticker on your vehicleOpens in new window . This replaces the 'GB' sticker that was previously required. For more information on what is required in the country you are travelling to, visit the RAC’s motoring advisor toolOpens in new window .

It is also worth taking a Statement of Facts on Motor Vehicle Accident form in case you have an accident while you are abroad. These can be printed in English and the language of the country you are visiting, so that you can easily exchange details with another driver despite any potential language barrier. You can obtain a copy of this form from www.cartraveldocs.comOpens in new window .

Long-term travel

If you're travelling for more than 90 days, you must speak to RSA Motability (RSAM) on 0300 037 3737 at least three weeks in advance of your journey. RSAM will consider your request and there may be a charge. If your request is permitted, they will send you written consent. Please note that cover for legal expenses and replacement locks is not available while you are abroad.

If you are going abroad for six months or longer, you should contact our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566 . We may need to make changes to your agreement.

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