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Your insurance cover

Together with RSA Motability (RSAM), we provide insurance cover for all products leased through the Motability Scheme.

Only the person named on your insurance policy schedule is insured to use the scooter or powered wheelchair. Other people may move your scooter or powered wheelchair, as long you give your permission, but cannot drive it.

What's covered by your policy

  • Damage that stops the product working safely
  • Theft of the product
  • Legal liability for any damage caused up to £2,000,000
  • Uninsured loss recovery and legal expenses (up to £25,000)
  • Cover for using your scooter or powered wheelchair in the EU for up to 30 days in a 12-month period
  • Cover for permanently fitted adaptations and/or accessories supplied with the scooter or powered wheelchair by your dealer and which are required to enable you to use the product
  • Replacement keys for up to three times during your lease, if they are lost or stolen within the British Isles.

What's not covered by your policy

  • Personal belongings – you’ll need to arrange your own insurance for personal items such as coats, bags, walking sticks etc. One option may be to extend your household insurance cover
  • Cosmetic damage - damage that doesn't stop you using your scooter or powered wheelchair safely and effectively
  • Unauthorised and uninsured users - only the person named on your Insurance Policy Schedule is insured to use your scooter or powered wheelchair. If you let someone else use it, you may be held responsible for any loss, damage or legal liabilities, and may be excluded from leasing another product through the Motability Scheme.

Download the RSAM insurance cover booklet Will download a resource(PDF 214KB)

Other benefits

Uninsured loss items

Uninsured losses are any items that aren’t covered by your insurance, such as personal belongings. If you are involved in an accident caused by someone else who has been identified, RSA Motability (RSAM) will attempt to recover your uninsured losses from them. If you are injured, RSAM will also act on your behalf by appointing solicitors to act for you. You can contact RSAM on 0800 294 0790

You may need to provide proof of your losses. Recovery of uninsured losses may take time and in some cases may not be possible.

Legal liabilities

If you are in an accident which causes bodily injury or death of others, or damage to property through the use of your scooter or powered wheelchair, RSAM will cover the legal liabilities as long as the user is the disabled person as listed on the Policy Schedule.

Loss of use benefit

If your scooter or powered wheelchair is unusable through loss or damage, we will, where appropriate, aim to provide an alternative transport solution to keep you mobile. If a temporary replacement is not suitable for your needs, you may be able to claim for loss of use benefits under your insurance cover.

For full details of all conditions that apply, please refer to your Insurance Cover Booklet Will download a resource(PDF 214KB).

What to do if you've had an accident

If you've been in an accident please call RSA Motability on 0800 294 0790 to report the accident.

Some dos and don'ts:

  • Don’t admit fault or deny the claim, negotiate, or promise to pay the claim, without written permission from RSAM.
  • Do exchange details with everyone involved (including any witnesses) and each provide your name, address, phone number and name of insurer.
  • Do call RSAM as soon as possible on 0800 294 0790 to report the accident and register a claim (even if there is no apparent damage or injury).
  • Do send all correspondence you receive concerning the accident to RSAM’s claims department.
  • Do fully cooperate with RSAM during investigations of the claim. If you don’t, it could result in your claim being declined, and your exclusion from easing through the Motability Scheme in the future.