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Tyres and batteries

Tyre and battery replacements are included in the lease package for your scooter or powered wheelchair.


We’ll replace scooter or powered wheelchair tyres damaged through normal use at no extra cost, subject to our fair usage policy. If you have air-filled tyres, this cover also includes puncture repairs.

While at home

If you’re at home when you notice tyre damage, simply call your Motability dealer and arrange a time for the repair. The repair might take place at your home, or the dealers may need to take the scooter or powered wheelchair away with them for a short while.

While out and about

If you're out and about when a tyre is damaged, and you can't get home, call Motability Assist on 0800 953 5000. They will arrange to get you and your scooter or powered wheelchair home and where possible repair the puncture. If they are unable to assist please call your dealer who will be able to arrange the repair. Wherever possible, don't drive on a flat tyre as this causes more damage.

While abroad

If your tyre is damaged while you are abroad and you can’t wait until you get home to have it repaired, please arrange to have the repair carried out locally, making sure you keep the receipt. Contact us on your return and we may be able to reimburse your costs.


Scooter and powered wheelchair batteries need regular charging to ensure that they work properly. Your product manual will tell you how to use your battery and charge it correctly. Even when fully charged, the amount of power provided by the battery will vary according to its age, the type of ground you are travelling over and the weight the product is carrying. Here are a few tips to help maximise your battery life:

  • When you first take delivery of your scooter or powered wheelchair, you should charge your battery fully before you first use it.
  • You should then charge your battery after every use; your product will work better if the battery is fully charged.
  • It's important that you don't charge your product for short period of time, or leave it on to charge for more than 24 hours. If you can, choose a time when you know you won't use your product for around eight hours, for example overnight.
  • In the event that you do not use your product for a prolonged period of time, remember to charge it fully every two weeks to keep it in good condition.
  • Use only the charger supplied with your product.

If you experience issues with the performance of your battery, contact your Motability Scheme dealer and ask them to check it. If they find it is faulty, we’ll make sure it is replaced for you as part of our worry-free package.