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Tyre repair and replacement

With tyre repair and replacement from Kwik Fit included as part of your lease package, we can get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

Tyres worn or damaged through normal use will be replaced for no extra cost as part of your lease. Tyre repair and replacement is subject to a ‘fair usage’ policy.

The following are also covered at no extra charge:

  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel balance
  • Replacement of stolen or vandalised tyres.

Most Kwik Fit branches operate on a first-come, first-served basis, which can lead to long waiting times during busy periods. So we would recommend you book an appointment in advance.

Any Kwik Fit fleet customer can book an appointment online using their vehicle registration number and tyre size (this can be found embossed on the side of the tyre and is a series of numbers and letters).

Using the online booking service will allow you to:

  • Pre-book an appointment at a time that suits you, cutting down on waiting times
  • See all of the centres local to you and choose which centre you’d like to visit
  • Be assured that replacement tyres will be in stock when you visit, eliminating wasted journeys.

Book your appointment online

There are 678 Kwik Fit centres across the UK, all open seven days a week.

Find your nearest centre at

You can also use Tyre City and STS Tyre Pros if this is more convenient than a Kwik Fit centre. Appointments should be booked in the same way, by calling Kwik Fit on 0330 123 1531 .

If you live on the Isle of Wight and Isle of Man and do not have a Kwik Fit centre nearby, Kwik Fit will still be able to arrange the repairs via another local company. You should contact Kwik Fit for information on which companies you can use in your area.

Using the mobile service

If you are unable to get to a centre, the tyre you need is not in stock or if accessibility at your nearest centre is difficult, Kwik Fit also offer a mobile service. The service is available by appointment in advance only and is not able to repair punctures. To organise an appointment for one of Kwik Fit’s 220 mobile fitting units to replace tyres at your home at no extra cost, please call  0330 123 1533 . To make sure they bring the right tyres for your car, you’ll need to have your car registration and tyre size to hand when you arrange your appointment.

Appointments are available between 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday or 8.30am to 12.30pm on Saturdays. With national coverage and over 200 mobile fitting vans, Kwik Fit Mobile is committed to visiting you within three working days. Please note that the mobile service can often take longer to arrange and complete than if you were to have the tyre change at a centre.

Please bear in mind that Kwik Fit Mobile is not an emergency service, so if you are out and are unable to continue due to a tyre problem, you should contact RAC Motability Assist on 0800 73 111 73 .

Before you visit

  • If your car has locking wheel nuts, you will need to bring the key which was supplied with your car – this is usually found in the boot
  • If you have specific accessibility requirements, it’s worth phoning ahead to check which of your local centres may be the most accessible. Most of the Kwik Fit centres are step-free, however, a few are based in older buildings which may not be as accessible.

When you arrive

As soon as you arrive, please make sure you tell the person you speak to that you’re a Motability Scheme customer. They will be able to confirm this by checking your car’s registration number on their computer. You will also need to tell them if you have any adaptations fitted to your car in case a member of staff needs to drive it.

Kwik Fit repairs are usually carried out while you wait.

Your tyres

Legally, tyres need to be replaced when the tread depth falls to 1.6mm on 75% of the contact surface. However Kwik Fit will replace tyres on Motability cars when the depth falls to 2.0mm.

Kwik Fit will always fit an appropriate tyre but this may not be the same brand as was originally fitted by the manufacturer. Rest assured that this will have no impact on the safety or performance of your Motability car.

Spare wheel

Some new cars no longer come with a standard spare wheel. If this applies to your car, make sure you ask your dealer what alternative solution has been provided. If you are not sure what to do, remember that yourworry-free package comes with full breakdown cover from the RAC and free tyre replacement from Kwik Fit. There will always be someone to help if your tyre needs replacing.

Inflation kits

In some cars, an emergency inflation kit is supplied for use with punctures. Once the canister has been used, you should contact your managing dealer to get a replacement. If you are not comfortable using the kit, you may contact the RAC or Kwik Fit who will do this for you.

Snow tyres

If you live in a remote area or somewhere that regularly experiences extreme weather conditions you could consider having snow tyres, chains or socks fitted to your Motability car. However you would need to pay for this yourself. Please contact our Customer Services team to discuss this before you arrange a fitting.

Do take care and ensure that the driving conditions are safe for you to make your return journey before setting out.

If you need to replace your tyres whilst abroad:

  • Call Kwik Fit Tyreline on 0330 123 1531 for advice
  • Visit one of many Kwik Fit service points across Europe
  • Keep the receipt if you have to buy tyres and contact Kwik Fit on your return as you may be entitled to a refund.

Motability Scheme customers can use Tyrecity and STS Tyre Pros as well as Kwik Fit. Appointments are booked in the same way, by calling 0330 123 1531.

If you live in an area with no Kwik Fit centres nearby, Kwik Fit will still be able to arrange the repairs for you via another local company. You should contact Kwik Fit for more information on who you can use in your area.

If for any reason Kwik Fit are unable to arrange your repairs, please contact our Customer Services team for advice.

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