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The end of your lease

At the end of your lease you just hand your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) back and if like most customers who choose to stay with us, you can select a new WAV and take another lease. Motability Scheme leases generally run for five years for new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and three years for Nearly New WAVs. This date will be shown on your lease agreement.

Getting your next WAV

Five months before the end of your lease agreement, we will send you a letter to remind you that it is time to start thinking about your next vehicle choose. We’ll then send you another letter, this time three months before the end of your lease, to advise you that you can now place your application with the WAV supplier of your choice.

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Good Condition Bonus

If you return your WAV in good condition at the end of your lease, you could be eligible to receive our Good Condition Bonus. The amount you receive depends on the length of the agreement: it's currently £900 for a five-year lease.


We know that over the course of your lease your WAV may show signs of wear and tear including minor scratches, dents or damage caused by wheelchairs or other mobility aids. If your WAV shows no sign of serious damage, you could be eligible for the bonus. Please be aware if you have ended your agreement early, you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Receiving the bonus

If you are in line to receive the bonus, there is no need to contact us - we will automatically send you a cheque within 28 days of the WAV being returned. However, if you requested early payment of £600 of your GCB due to the COVID-19 situation, you will receive the balance of this payment when you return the vehicle.

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Extending your lease

If you have driven fewer than 25,000 miles at the end of your agreement or have certain adaptations fitted to your WAV, you may be able to keep your vehicle for a further one or two years. Customers in Nearly New WAVs are also eligible, providing they meet the criteria.

If you think you might be eligible for a lease extension, please make a note of your mileage and / or your adaptations and call our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566 at least three months before the end of your contract to discuss your options. If you are interested in lease extending your vehicle, you will still need an MOT completed within the last two months of your original end date. Your managing dealer should contact you to book your MOT test towards the end of your lease, but if this has not happened, please contact your dealer as soon as possible.

COVID-19 update: The Government announced an automatic six-month extension to any MOT due to expire between 30 March and 31 July 2020. If your MOT was extended during this time you will still need to have this completed before we can agree a lease extension. You can however contact your dealer to arrange the MOT at any point during your extension. We would recommend you do this as soon as possible as demand for MOT tests is likely to be high from 30 September 2020 when the first extensions come to an end. You can also contact Kwik Fit and make an appointment at one of their centres