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Image and video gallery

Car Scheme videos

Scheme customer on the phone

Our video series takes you through the experiences of four customers who share their stories of leasing a car on the Motability Scheme.

Scooter and powered wheelchair videos

PWS_2_Getting started

Four customers share their stories, including how they chose the right scooter or powered wheelchair and the impact the Motability Scheme has had on their lives.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle videos

What is a WAV

Choosing the right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is an important task. Our film clips, presented by Lara Masters, highlight some things you need to think about.

Adaptation videos

Steering aids.jpg

If you think you need an adaptation to help make driving or travelling more comfortable, you'll want to check out these videos of our most popular adaptations and how they work to improve your motoring experience.

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