WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Request your V5C

We hold a V5C (log book) for every Motability Scheme vehicle.

You might need to show a copy of your V5C for things like parking permits or getting a number plate replaced. 

The easiest way to ask for a copy of your V5C and check all your information is correct is in your online account.

If you cannot do this you can complete our form instead.

We’ll aim to send you a PDF of your V5C, from the DVLA View Vehicle Record (VVR) service, within three working days.

Look for an email from ‘Postmaster’. It’ll say ‘Motability Operations Ltd sent you a secure message’.

Your registration certificate should show your current name and address. Please let us know if these have changed.

We cannot give you a V5C for an ex-Scheme vehicle. If you’re not a Scheme customer, you can ask the DVLA for a replacement.

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Which adaptations can I get and how do I get them?

We'll arrange a Driving Mobility test to help you decide which adaptations you need.

Many adaptations on the Motability Scheme are now available at no additional cost, as long as they’re fitted at the start of your lease. If you’re not able to afford essential adaptations, the Motability Foundation might be able to help.

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Can I add adaptations during my lease?

It's best to chat with an adaptations installer about any adaptations you want to add.

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Can I transfer an adaptation from my old vehicle? 

Many adaptations can be transferred at no extra cost.

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Can I modify my vehicle or add extras? 

You can add factory-fitted optional extras or accessories to your vehicle when you order it. You’ll need to pay any extra costs.

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Can I have a tow bar fitted?

Yes, but need to pay for it. Your dealer can give you advice and recommend a fitter.

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Can I add a personalised number plate to my car?

You can add personalised number plates to your car or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle).

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