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    How do I remove or alter my bank details from my Motability Scheme online account?

    You can view the bank details you have provided by navigating to the personal details section of your account. To update these details, click ‘Change bank details’ and follow the onscreen steps to complete the process.

    If you wish to remove your bank details and revert back to cheque payments, you can do this by following the on screen steps in the ‘My payment details’ section or by calling our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566. Please note that for security reasons our advisors can only delete your bank details, they cannot amend or update your details.

    If we are in the process of making a payment to you when you remove your bank details this will be sent via bank transfer, but future payments will then be sent by cheque.

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    Or sign into your account if you are already set up.

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