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    What happens if I am appealing the decision following an unsuccessful Personal Independence Payment (PIP) reassessment?

    If your initial reassessment is unsuccessful, you will be able to keep your car for eight weeks after the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) payments stop. In addition, if you first joined the Scheme before 1 January 2014 you will have the option to keep the car for 26 weeks after the last DLA payment. If you choose to keep the car for this extended period your transitional support payment will be reduced. Please be reassured that you will not be required to make any rental payments after your last DLA payment is received.

    However, if you are appealing the decision after an unsuccessful PIP reassessment and you are later awarded ERMC of PIP, you may receive a backdated payment from the DWP covering the period of time from when your allowance stopped. Should this period cover time when you still had your Motability Scheme vehicle, we may ask you to repay this period to us if you wish to rejoin or remain on the Scheme.

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