WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Can I get a manual wheelchair with a power add-on?

Yes, but only if you receive the enhanced rate mobility part of Adult Disability Payment (ADP) or higher rate mobility component of Child Disability Payment (CDP).

This is because the Motability Scheme is part of the Accessible Vehicles and Equipment (AVE) Scheme in Scotland. It’s administered differently to the rest of the UK if you get ADP or CDP.

We do not set the criteria for qualifying allowances or the types of vehicles and products we can offer.

What is a manual wheelchair with a power add-on?

These products combine the benefits of manual and powered wheelchairs.

You’ll get a manual wheelchair, which you can push yourself or with help from others. You can turn the power add-on attachment on and off if you need more power or you’re going on a longer journey.

You can only lease these products together, not separately.

If you receive ADP or CDP and want to learn more about manual wheelchairs with power add-ons, speak to one of our dealers in Scotland.

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If you’re eligible, a Motability Scheme dealer will help you apply. 

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Select a product using the search tool to see the dimensions.

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What’s the maximum weight scooters and powered wheelchairs can carry?

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What is a suitability assessment? 

Before you order, your Motability Scheme dealer will assess your needs and home.

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