WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

What happens to my payments if my allowance increases during my lease?

Allowance rates can change each year. Whether your increase is paid to us depends whether you’re on a variable or fixed lease.

Most customers are on a variable lease. If you’re on this, we’ll always receive your total mobility allowance, even if it goes up.

If you’re on a ‘constant lease’ this is a fixed lease, and your allowance provider will pay any increase directly to you.

You can check your contract hire agreement to see whether you’re on a variable or fixed lease.

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What happens if I go into residential care?

You can carry on with your lease agreement.

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What happens if my allowance ends before my lease does?

The DWP will send you a renewal pack to reassess your claim.

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Do I need to tell you if my medical condition changes?

You do not need to tell us about any changes, but this depends on a few things.

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What happens if I'm in hospital for more than 28 days?

If you're over 18, your allowance will stop until you come out of hospital. If you're under 18, your allowance will continue.

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What happens if the customer passes away?

Contact us so we can make sure your drivers can keep using the vehicle for two weeks and arrange for it to be picked up.

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