WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair
A person being shown an adaptations in a car

How an adaptations review can help you

Adaptations can help you stay mobile and get the most from your vehicle.

What to expect at an adaptations review

See what a review involves and what your reviewer might ask you. They're there to help you feel comfortable about adaptations.

A person being taken through an adaptation review

If you need adaptations to help you drive we recommend you have a review first, before you do anything else. We can arrange one for you at a local Driving Mobility centre(opens in a new window). You might hear this called an 'assessment' too.

Your reviewer will give you:

  • Support and advice about adaptations
  • Recommendations about which adaptations suit you

They might also suggest you have some extra familiarisation lessons, so you can get used to your adaptations.

Once they complete your review they might also suggest you have some extra familiarisation lessons. These are so you can get used to your adaptations once you’ve had them fitted.

Remember, your review is not a driving test. It’s to help you decide which adaptations are right for you and to make sure you're comfortable using them. It also helps make sure everyone's using adaptations safely. Learn more about adaptations.

You'll need to wait six-to-eight weeks for an appointment. If you live in a remote area, this could take longer.


If you live in Scotland and you cannot get to Glasgow, please contact your GP. They can arrange a review at a SMART centre.

What you’ll get in our worry‑free package


Advice from an adaptations installer

Installers have the knowledge and skills to recommend the right adaptations for your needs.

Insurance cover

Insurance cover

We’ll arrange this for you. You can add up to three named drivers and can change these at any time.


Servicing and MOT

We’ll cover your regular services and routine repairs, to keep your vehicle running perfectly.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover

We’ll give you RAC cover, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Illustration of a battery half charged

Support with your electric car

We’ll arrange and cover the standard cost of a home chargepoint and its installation, or give you access to the bp pulse network of over 9,000 public chargepoints. This depends on a few things