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If things change

Your mobility requirements may change during the course of your lease. While you have agreed to lease your Motability Scheme vehicle for the full length of the agreement, we will support you as much as we can if things change.

Reasons for ending your agreement

If there is a valid reason for cancelling your agreement, for example, your mobility needs have changed and the car is no longer suitable, please call our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566. If we agree that you can end your agreement early there will be an administration fee of up to £250, but we will refund any Advance Payment you have paid on a pro-rata basis once you have returned your vehicle. You may also be eligible for a pro-rata Good Condition Bonus payment, but if you paid for any optional extras when you ordered the vehicle, these costs will not be refunded. If however we cancel your agreement because you have failed to comply with the terms and conditions of your agreement, no refunds will be made to you, and you will be charged an administration fee.

If you currently lease a car through the Motability Scheme and are thinking of ending your agreement early in order to move in to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), you may be eligible for our 'WAV Experience' to help you decide if this is the right option for you.  Read more about the WAV Experience or call us on 0300 456 4566 for more information. 

Please be aware that repeated cancellations can affect your eligibility for the Motability Scheme. Our priority is to make sure you make the right choice first time; all our dealers have trained Motability Scheme specialists on hand to discuss customers' needs and preferences, and are there to help you select the right vehicle.

If your allowance ends during your lease

If your allowance ends during your lease, you will no longer be eligible for the Motability scheme and we will support you through the process of handing your car back. You may be eligible for a £1000 stopped allowance support payment if your return the car in a good condition to your dealer within our given timescales. Depending on your individual situation you will have up to eight weeks from your allowance payments ending to return the car. If you receive a stopped allowance support payment, you will not be eligible for a pro-rata Good Condition Bonus, but any Advance Payment you have paid will be returned to you on a pro-rata basis. Please note, Stopped Allowance Support will be ending on 30 September 2022. Find out more here. From 1 October 2022 any Advance Payment paid will be returned on a pro-rata basis and you may also be eligible for a pro-rata Good Condition Bonus.

If your allowance ends following a DLA-PIP reassessment there is a transition support package available, including a financial element.

If your allowance ends we will write to you supplying all the information you need, including details of any support payments you are entitled to. Please call us on 0345 155 6011 to discuss this.

Renewing your allowance

If your higher rate mobility allowance is due to expire during your agreement, it is your responsibility to ensure your allowance is renewed on time with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)  or Veterans UK  so you can continue to use your car, scooter or powered wheelchair. Three months before your allowance is due to expire, if you haven’t already heard anything about your renewal, you should contact the DWP or Veterans UK and ask them to send you the information you need to renew your allowance.