WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Moving to Direct Line Motability (DLM)

From 1 September 2023, the insurance provider for the Motability Scheme has changed from RSA Motability (RSAM) to Direct Line Motability (DLM).

You should now have received your new DLM Insurance Cover Booklet by post or by email, but if not, you can download a copy.

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To make this transition as seamless as possible for you, there’s been no change to your level of cover and the main contact number, 0300 037 3737, has stayed the same.

You can now enjoy improved digital insurance features through your Motability Scheme online account. 

This includes being able to manage your drivers and easily check your policy details, and many more exciting new features will follow in the coming months.

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To help you understand more about the move to DLM, we’ve answered some common questions below.

So you know, every Scheme customer has transferred from RSAM to DLM, so there’s no need to contact us to check.

Your insurance and DLM

Will I receive new insurance cover documents?

Yes, DLM will send you a new Insurance Cover Note and this should arrive by the end of September 2023.

A copy of your DLM documents will also be available in the DLM insurance portal, accessed through your Motability Scheme online account.

I got a new vehicle just before 1 September. Will I get new documents?

Yes, we’ll send you a copy of the DLM Insurance Cover Booklet in the next few weeks by post or email.

DLM will also send you a new Insurance Cover Note, which should arrive by the end of September. 

I’m in a lease extension. Do I need to do anything differently?

No, if your lease has been extended it will still have transferred to DLM.

Can I still get a claims history letter?

Yes, you or a driver can request this using the DLM insurance portal, which you can access using your Motability Scheme online account, or contact DLM instead. 

I have an open insurance policy, has this transferred too?

Yes, open insurance policies also moved automatically from RSAM to DLM on 1 September.

I'm currently abroad in my vehicle, do I need to do anything differently?

If you urgently need the latest copy of your Insurance Cover Note for travel abroad, please contact DLM to discuss your options. They may be able to provide you with an email copy before your printed cover note has arrived. 

Your breakdown cover has not changed. You should continue to call RAC Motability Assist on 0800 73 111 73 if you break down.

Claims before 1 September 2023

What if I need to claim for an incident that happened before 1 September 2023? 

You’ll need to report all incidents that happened before 1 September 2023 to RSAM. Report any incidents that happen after this date to DLM.

When you call 0300 037 37 37 to report your claim, you’ll be directed to RSAM or DLM depending on when the incident happened.

Can I choose for DLM to manage my current insurance claim instead of RSAM?

No, as DLM did not become the Scheme insurance provider until 1 September, any incidents before this date must be managed by RSAM as they provided the cover at the time of the incident.

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Have an ongoing claim?

If the incident happened before 1 September 2023, RSAM will continue to manage your claim. Please speak to them for updates about an ongoing repair.

Contact RSAM

I’m in a RSAM hire car. What will happen with this?

RSAM will continue to manage replacement vehicles provided by them while your Scheme vehicle is being repaired.

If you have an open complaint with RSAM  

RSAM will continue to manage any open complaints. Please report any new complaints about RSAM raised after 1 September 2023 to RSAM instead of DLM.

Claims after 1 September 2023

Have my excess or premium amounts changed? 

No, these amounts have stayed the same with DLM.

Are there any changes to glass claims? 

No, glass claims are still managed by Autoglass and the excess amounts are the same. 

Has my insurance claims history be transferred over to DLM?

Yes, DLM have access to your insurance claims history so you do not need to tell them about this again.

Your drivers

I need to change one of my drivers. What should I do?

There’s no change to how you manage your drivers. You can still do this through your Motability Scheme online account or by calling DLM. 

Find out more about changing a driver 

So you know, Direct Line Motability (DLM) call your drivers 'permitted drivers'.

Do I need to re-add my drivers? 

No, your drivers have transferred automatically from the RSAM policy to the new DLM policy.

Are there any changes to the criteria for drivers under 25?

No, the criteria for drivers under 25 is the same with DLM as it was previously with RSAM. 

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