WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Adult Disability Payment

What is Adult Disability Payment?

It’s to help you with extra costs if you live in Scotland and you have a disability that affects your everyday life.

It’s been introduced by Social Security Scotland, which is taking over disability assistance payments from the DWP for people living in Scotland.

It’s replacing Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for people living in Scotland aged between 16 years and State Pension age.

How the Scheme works

Can I get Adult Disability Payment?

Social Security began accepting new applications for Adult Disability Payment across the whole of Scotland from 29 August 2022.

It's also started to transfer some people who already receive PIP or DLA to Adult Disability Payment, and this will continue in to 2024.

You will not need to re-apply or have a new, face-to-face assessment when you are transferred.

Moving to Adult Disability Payment?

If you live in Scotland and already receive DLA or PIP, Social Security Scotland will move you to Adult Disability Payment. It’ll take over your allowance from the DWP when that happens.

Social Security Scotland started transfers in June 2022. It’ll let you know when you’re being transferred.

The amount you’re being paid will not change while you’re being transferred, you will not have to reapply for your allowance, and you will not be reassessed.

Moving to ADP

How much can I receive?

Adult Disability Payment is made up of two ‘parts’: the ‘daily living part’ and the ‘mobility part’. Each is paid at different rates.

Adult Disability Payment and the Motability Scheme

In Scotland the Motability Scheme works through the Government’s Accessible Vehicles and Equipment scheme. So if you're getting higher rate mobility component of Adult Disability Payment, and you have at least 12 months remaining on your award, you can apply to lease a car, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle), scooter or powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme.

How the Scheme works

What if I’m newly joining the Scheme?

You can still apply to join the Scheme while you’re being transferred from DWP to Social Security Scotland. You can order your vehicle, but you will not be able to collect your new vehicle until the transfer is complete. This is because the DWP cannot arrange new payments to us while your award is being transferred to Social Security Scotland.

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Not sure if you’re eligible for the Scheme?

You can check right now. Just answer a few questions.

Check if you’re eligible

Related FAQs

Am I eligible to join the Scheme?

You need a qualifying mobility allowance with at least 12 months left to apply to join the Scheme. Check if you're eligible.

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Can two people in my home be on the Scheme?

You can have as many people in your home on the Scheme as you want, as long as they’re all eligible to join.

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Can I join the Scheme on Attendance Allowance?

You cannot apply to join the Scheme if you receive Attendance Allowance.

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Can young people join the Scheme?

Young people can join the Scheme, but what they can do and how they join depends on their age and whether they’re the customer.

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Can young drivers join the Scheme?

You can only have one driver under 21 on your Certificate of Motor Insurance. This could be the disabled customer, or another driver living at the same address.

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What are location trackers?

Location trackers are one of the ways we make sure our vehicles are being used for the benefit of our customers.

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