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Useful checklists for choosing a scooter

There is a lot to think about when you are choosing a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair. To help you make the right decision, we have put together two useful checklists. Use them as a handy reminder of things to think about when you are planning your dealer visit or choosing a new scooter or powered wheelchair.

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You can download and save them onto your computer or print and take them with you to the dealership. You may need to add some free software to enable your computer to read and print these checklists. If the checklists don’t open, just click on the download button on the Adobe websiteOpens in new window and follow the simple instructions.

Planning your dealership visit checklist

Helpful tips to get the most from your visit, including:

Thoroughly discuss your needs with your dealer

Do not feel pressured to choose there and then

Test drive each of the models the dealer brings

Have a trusted family member or friend with you for a second opinion

See as many dealers as you like and don't feel obliged to place an order with the first dealer who visits

Download our checklist on planning your dealer visit Will download a resource(PDF 37KB)  

Choosing your product checklist

Important points to consider when you are choosing a scooter or powered wheelchair, including:

Your height and weight

Your weekly rental budget

Whether you have full use of your hands for controls

If you'd need to travel on public roads

If you'd nee to get the produce into a car

Download our checklist on choosing a product Will download a resource(PDF 40KB)