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Getting your next car

As you reach the end of your current lease agreement, you may be thinking of getting your next Motability Scheme car. You can choose from a wide range of around 2,000 cars, from all of the top manufacturers. Our dealer network has expanded to nearly 4,500 dealerships and we now have almost 300 cars that you can drive away in with no Advance Payment – with hundreds more with Advance Payments at less than £500.

Motability Scheme leases generally run for three years from the date that you took delivery of your car. This date will be shown on your lease agreement. Three months before the end of your lease agreement , we will send you a letter to remind you that it is time to choose a new car on the Scheme. 

COVID-19 update: We usually require you to have at least 12 months’ award length remaining to renew your lease, however due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we will temporarily accept applications as long as you have at least six months award remaining. And if you're not quite ready to order your next car, we will automatically extend your lease for six months to give you more time to decide on your next car. For more information see our FAQs .

Click on the headings below to count down your next steps from the three month period before your lease is due to expire, to the day you collect your new car.

Three months before the end of your lease:


Remember there are a few rules around who can drive your car . This includes drivers aged under 25 (whether yourself or a named driver) who are restricted to cars with ABI Insurance Group 16 or lower and brakehorse power rating of 120BHP or less.

Ordering your car

When ordering your new car , take these with you:

  1. Your driving licence if you wish to drive
  2. Certificate of entitlement from either the DWP or Veterans UK
  3. Proof of address (e.g. recent utility bill)
  4. Named drivers’ driving licence and consent. Named drivers must give consent, either in person by going with you when you place your order or by filling out a Driver Consent Form.

Two months to go:

  • Your dealer should have already contacted you to arrange the MOT test for your current car (excluding customers in Northern Ireland and Isle of Man). If this has not happened, please contact your managing dealer as soon as possible to book the test
  • The MOT test checks the safety features of your car, and is required as part of your Terms and Conditions, but don't worry, the cost of the test and any repairs needed due to general wear and tear are included as part of your lease
  • Look out for your new Personal Identification Number (PIN). We’ll send this to you along with all the information about your new lease and the Terms and Conditions. Your secure PIN enables you to ‘sign’ all the paperwork via the dealer’s computer. Take it with you when you pick up your new car.


One month to go:

  • If you have adaptations fitted to your car, you don't have to remove them, but if you want to, please arrange this with your local adaptations installer. You are responsible for the costs involved in removing any adaptations, which will need to be made payable directly to the adaptations installer.
  • Keep in touch with your dealer about the delivery date. Don’t worry if there’s a delay. The dealer supplying your new car will arrange for you to stay in your current car until the new one is ready. However, if you are in a low mileage or long term lease extension and there is a delay, please call 0300 456 4566 to arrange this.

Transferring adaptations between Scheme cars

Collection day!

  • When collecting your new car, don’t forget to bring your driving licence plus the letter we sent you which includes your PIN
  • Return your current car to the dealer supplying your new car
  • Hand back any documentation and equipment that was given to you with the car, such as the manufacturer handbook and any spare keys (including any red keys issued). This could also include a key for locking wheel nuts, a tyre inflation kit, radio or key codes, satellite navigation SD card, remote controls, parcel shelves or additional seats
  • The dealer will take a brief condition description of the car. Provided the car is in good condition you could receive a bonus a few weeks later
  • Check that you and/or your nominated drivers are on your new insurance cover note
  • Make sure the dealer has your correct contact details so they can contact you during your lease with important information such as service reminders
  • Before you enter your PIN ask your dealer to give you a tour of the car. If you don’t recognise any features please discuss this with your dealer before you leave.

Then drive away in your new car!