WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair
A family helping a little girl in a wheelchair use a rear ramp on a WAV

Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles)

You can drive or ride in these, or store your wheelchair. They’re ideal for most people who use a wheelchair and we have a range of types and models.

Considering options

Our help starts here

When you’re ready, use our tool to narrow down your choices, so you can find the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that’s right for you and your needs.

Find the right WAV

Is a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle right for you?

Completely wheelchair-friendly

Travel without leaving your wheelchair. Or sit in a standard seat, if you prefer.

A range of sizes

How big a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is depends on which vehicle has been converted. They range from family vehicles to commercial vehicles, so they can cater for different kinds of needs.

Get peace of mind

Make taking your wheelchair with you worry-free. Store your wheelchair while you drive or ride.

Make getting in and out simpler

Get help getting in and out with a ramp or lift, or choose a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle with side or rear access.

Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If you want help getting around, these make it safe and simple to travel with your wheelchair. You can ride in these or store your wheelchair. A supplier will bring one to your home so you can make sure it’s right for you.

Nearly New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

These are Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles people have given back to us after they’ve ended their lease early, so they’ll be up to four years old. They’re all in very good condition, they cost less and we can still adapt them to suit your needs.

an illustration of an electric wheelchair accessible vehicle pugged in to a home chargepoint

Did you know you can get an electric Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (eWheelchair Accessible Vehicle)?

They’re Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) that have been fitted with an electric battery. This means you’ll charge them and they have a battery range, just like an electric car.

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The route to your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


Check if you’re eligible

Use our simple tool to see if you or someone you know is eligible. It only takes a minute.

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How much it costs

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles cost more than other vehicles because suppliers need to convert them to make them accessible and safe. You’ll need to pay an Advance Payment at the start too. This is to cover the difference between your allowance payments and the lease costs.

Learn about payments


See a demonstration

We’ll arrange for a supplier to bring a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle to your home. They’ll check it’s right for you, show you how it works and let you test drive it.

Learn about demonstrations


Order your new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

You can start applying online. Once you’ve had a test drive and you’ve decided which Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is right for you, a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle supplier will order it for you and help with any paperwork.

See more about ordering

New vehicle

Get your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle supplier will deliver it to your home. Once you’re happy with it, you can start enjoying your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

How delivery works

Ready to get started?

Answer some simple questions, then we’ll help you find the right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for you.

Find the right WAV

What you’ll get in our worry‑free package

Insurance cover

Insurance cover

We’ll arrange this for you. You can add up to three named drivers and can change these at any time.


Servicing and MOT

We’ll cover your regular services and routine repairs, to keep your vehicle running perfectly.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover

We’ll give you RAC cover, so you can travel with peace of mind.


Continued support

Call your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle supplier and they’ll be happy to help.

We use it for everything. We’ve been to France with it. It’s changed my life so much. We all love it.

Beth and Sam, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle customers

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What do I do if my Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle needs repairs? 

Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle supplier will help you get any routine repairs done.

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What is the yearly Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle check? 

A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle check is done each year by your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle supplier at your home address.

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Where can I get my Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle serviced? 

Regular servicing can happen at your home address, or at the vehicle manufacturer’s local dealer.

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