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Ordering and delivery

Once you've found the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) that's right for you, it's time to place your order. It's a straightforward process and your WAV supplier will manage everything for you.


When you've found the right WAV for your needs and you're ready to place your order, your WAV supplier will ask you to complete a few simple forms:

  • Statement of responsibilities and suitability confirmation – this confirms that you and your drivers understand and agree to abide by the Motability Scheme rules about how you can use your WAV
  • Driver fair processing declaration forms – this allows us to check the details of your nominated drivers with the DVLA.

Along with the above forms, you will also need to give your WAV supplier:

  • Certificate of entitlement for your award from either the DWP or Veterans UK (the award letter stating which allowance you have been awarded and the duration)
  • Copies of both parts of your nominated drivers' driving licences
  • Your award letter if you are receiving financial help from Motability, the charity.

To save time on the day, you can start your application from home with a Motability Scheme online account. You can enter your personal details and allowance information, and the details for up to two named drivers (if they have an England, Wales or Scotland driving licence) all before your WAV supplier visits you to finalise your order. Please note this is only available for customers without an appointee.

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Your WAV supplier will place your application on our system, we will then check your eligibility and the DVLA will process drivers checks. Once the application passes these checks, which usually takes a few days, we will advise your WAV supplier and they will place the order for your new WAV

You can create a Motability Scheme online account to check the progress of your order and view other key information about your lease. Your WAV supplier may discuss this with you during your application but if not, you can find out more and create an account here.

Once your application is accepted, we will send you a confirmation letter, which includes your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You will need your PIN to take delivery of your WAV as it acts as your electronic signature. You can also view your PIN within your Motability Scheme online account. Separately, your WAV supplier will usually send you an order form to sign and return, this will say what vehicle you've chosen and any optional extras you have added.

Taking delivery

After your order has been placed, your WAV supplier will be able to let you know when it will be ready for delivery. On average this takes between 12 and 16 weeks. But if you have ordered a Nearly New WAV it should take a few weeks.

Once your WAV is ready, your supplier will deliver it straight to your home. They show you and your carer around your new WAV and will go through how each of the features work. Take some time to practise these features, especially using the ramp and tie-down restraints, and ask the supplier any questions you have.

Your WAV will give you a welcome pack containing our WAV handbook which will tell you everything you need to know over the course of your lease. The pack will also include your insurance documents – check all your nominated drivers are listed.

About a month after you take delivery of your new WAV, your WAV supplier will be back in touch to offer a free check at your home to ensure you are making the most of your new vehicle. The check will cover a reminder of how the features and functions of your new WAV work, and ensure it is meeting your needs and expectations.

New Vehicle Payment

If you are newly joining the Motability Scheme during 2022, you will qualify for a £250 New Vehicle Payment after you take delivery of your new WAV. This means if you take delivery of your first vehicle in 2022, or place an order during 2022, you will be eligible for this payment.

Find out more about the New Vehicle Payment