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How much does a WAV cost?

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) generally cost more than a standard car lease as the suppliers need to make significant conversions to the original vehicle to allow the wheelchair user access and safe travel. Find out more information below or watch our short film to find out more about how WAVs are converted.

Understanding the cost

WAVs tend to cost more than standard cars because there are a number of different stages and companies involved in getting the conversion right for you. On top of the production costs of the original standard vehicle, the conversion company makes considerable changes to the vehicle and sometimes also adaptations specialists are required to further customise the vehicle. And because there are fewer WAVs on the road than standard cars, the converters are less able to benefit from mass production.

Making it affordable

The Motability Scheme works with WAV suppliers to keep prices as low as possible and the lease payments come directly from your higher rate mobility allowance.

You’ll need to pay an Advance Payment at the start of your lease to make up the difference between your allowance payments and what the lease costs. Advance Payments are calculated by considering factors such as the cost of the WAV, its servicing and maintenance and its expected resale value at the end of your contract.

If you need a WAV but can’t afford the Advance Payment, Motability (the charity) may be able to provide financial helpOpens in new window.

Additionally, we have recently launched a new initiative to standardise the pricing of some of the most popular conversion options fitted to both new and Nearly New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs). If you are placing a new application, the following options can now be fitted to any appropriate WAV and can be ordered from any of the Scheme's WAV suppliers at the price shown below:

WAV set price options Customer price
Upgraded tie down straps to 150kg £0
Upgraded tie down straps to 200kg £0
Privacy glass (small) £195
Privacy glass (medium) £250
Privacy glass (large) £305
Manual side step £295
Electric side step £595

If you are interested in including any of these options on your next WAV, please speak to your converter about which ones are applicable to the WAV you are considering.

Prices are subject to review and may change on a quarterly basis. We will continue to work with our WAV suppliers to widen the range of conversion options available at a set price.

If you require any further options that are not listed above, you will need to speak with your WAV supplier and agree the price directly with them before placing your order.

Other options

Alternatively, you can choose to lease a Nearly New WAV on a shorter three-year lease with a lower Advance Payment than the equivalent new WAV. All Nearly New WAVs have been returned to us before the end of the original lease. If cost and delivery are important factors to you they can be a great alternative to a new WAV.

More about Nearly New WAVs

If you are able to transfer out of a wheelchair without too much trouble or discomfort, you may be better off with a standard car fitted with adaptations to help you to access the car and store your wheelchair. As well as generally costing less than a WAV, adaptations have the added advantage of allowing you to travel in the original car seats, including in the front passenger seat which can be a big advantage if you regularly travel as a couple.

More about adaptations available on the Scheme

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