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Our cars

Get freedom and independence with a new car on the Scheme. We have a wide range, with lots of adaptations if you need them. We’ll give you all the help you need to find your ideal car. 

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Our help starts here

When you’re ready, use our tool to narrow down your choices, so you can find the car that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

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You can get adaptations that suit your needs

Your route to a new car

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Check if you’re eligible

Use our tool to see if you or someone you know is eligible to join the Scheme. It only takes a minute.

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See what it costs

One of the cheapest ways to get a car is to lease one on the Scheme. Choose how much of your mobility allowance you want to spend, then we’ll take your payments straight from your allowance provider, to make paying simple.

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Visit a dealer

After you’ve found a car you like, you can start applying online, which will save you time at the dealer, or you can go straight to your dealer. They’ll check it’s right for you, ask if you need adaptations and arrange test drives for you.

See how visits work

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Order your new car

Once you’ve had a test drive and you’ve decided which car is right for you, your Motability Scheme dealer will order it for you.

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Get your car

You’ll pick it up from your local dealer. Once you’re happy with it, you can drive it away.

How pickup works

Ready to get started?

Answer some simple questions, then we’ll help you find the right car for you. 

Find the right car

What you’ll get in our worry‑free package

Insurance cover

Insurance cover

We’ll arrange this for you. You can add up to three named drivers and can change these at any time. 


Servicing and MOT

We’ll cover your regular services and routine repairs, to keep your vehicle running perfectly.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover

We’ll give you RAC cover, so you can travel with peace of mind.

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Support with your electric car

We’ll arrange and cover the standard cost of a home chargepoint and its installation, or give you access to the bp pulse network of over 9,000 public chargepoints.

Leaving the garage with the car that’s mine for the first time in 18 years. That’s stuck in my mind.

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Have a question?

How do I apply to the Motability Scheme to lease a vehicle?

If you are eligible for the Scheme, all you need to do is contact your local Motability dealer to make an appointment and arrange test drives.

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What cars are available at nil Advance Payment?

We have a wide range of cars available at nil Advance Payment, and some that take less than the full allowance.

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Are there any electric vehicles on the Motability Scheme?

Yes, there is a choice of eco-friendly vehicles, including electric and hybrid cars and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, available to lease on the Motability Scheme.

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Can someone else drive for me?

Our worry-free package includes insurance for up to three named drivers – these can be yourself, friends, family or carers. 

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Vehicle supply issues and delayed orders: Your questions answered

The global car market is currently facing a number of challenges, all of which are leading to supply issues, delivery delays and a shortage of many new makes and models. 

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