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Other sources of help

If you’re still not sure whether you could benefit from adaptations there are a number of sources who can help provide more information.

Adaptations experts

If you’ve never driven with an adaptation before, you may need to speak to a mobility expert. Contact a Motability Scheme adaptation installer or Driving Mobility . Driving Mobility (formerly the Forum of Mobility Centres) has 16 independent assessment centres across the UK. They will be able to make suggestions on driving adaptations, seating options and products to help with getting in and out of vehicles.

The best source of information for anything to do with adaptations will be one of our adaptations installers. They will be able to advise on different types of adaptations available and will also be able to recommend which car models may be suitable for installing your chosen adaptation. Remember, it’s best to find out if you need an adaptation before you make a final decision on which car to choose.

Other places to see adaptations in action

If you’d like to see adaptations in action, Motability Operations Ltd hosts a handful of events between May and September across the UK. We invite adaptation installers to demonstrate some of the most popular adaptations ranging from hand controls, to boot hoists and stowage solutions. You can also test drive a range of automatic cars fitted with our most popular driving adaptations, such as push/pull hand controls, left foot accelerators and easy release steering balls. The events are free to attend and are spread across the UK, so there should be one relatively close to where you live. More information will be posted on the events section of our website nearer the time, or sign up for our e-newsletter to be the first to hear the dates when they are announced.

Next Steps

Once you have an idea of which adaptations might help, visit a dealer and choose your car. Your local car dealer will work together with the adaptation installer to find the right combination for your needs.

When you have chosen your car and adaptations, your dealer will complete the simple online ordering process with you. Your dealer will work with the adaptation installer to ensure that your brand new car is fitted with the adaptations you need before your car is delivered. You can also arrange a free familiarisation session to help you get used to using your new adaptations. If you think this would be useful, ask your dealer when you place the order.

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