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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles overview

Choosing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is a big decision to make and we want to help you find a vehicle that will meet your needs now and in the future.

Is a WAV right for me?


Before deciding if a WAV is right for you, this section will help to know more about them and see what options are available.

Finding the right WAV

Girl in wheelchair on wav ramp

If you're considering a WAV for the first time you may be wondering if it's the right choice and what to do next.

A steer in the right direction

Motability WAV video_things to consider

To help you decide if a WAV is right for you, our video clips may answer some of your questions as well as highlight some useful things you perhaps hadn't thought about.

Getting the most from a demonstration


Once you have an idea of the type of WAV that might be suitable for you, we recommend that you speak to a few different WAV suppliers about having a demonstration.

Ordering my WAV


Now that you've found the perfect WAV for you, it's time to place your order. It's an easy, straightforward process and your WAV supplier will manage everything for you.

Nearly New WAVs


As part of the Motability Scheme we also offer a Nearly New WAV option, which can be a more affordable way of leasing a WAV. These vehicles are less than three years old and come with the worry-free package we offer all our customers.