WAV stands for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. This means you can travel in the vehicle while seat in your wheelchair

Adaptations to help you drive

If you're new to driving adaptations you'll find lots of information about them on this page and when you talk to an adaptations installer. We also recommend you visit a Driving Mobility centre to find out which adaptations will best suit your needs.

At a glance

  • Adaptations can be made to many driving controls, including steering wheels, accelerators and gear sticks
  • You can arrange an adaptations review at a Driving Mobility centre to find out which adaptations best suit your needs
  • Your adaptations installer will be able to tell you if the ones you need are compatible with the make and model you like
  • Most vehicles need to be automatic to be compatible
  • You can get some adaptations at no extra cost, if you get them when you start your lease
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Not sure if adaptations are right for you?

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Upper body

These help you drive from the waist-up, like a hand-controlled brake.

A wheel adaptation with buttons

A push/pull car adaptation

Steering aids

These are things like a steering ball if you find it difficult to hold or turn the wheel. You can remove these for other drivers too.

You might also need a steering aid if you have other hand controls fitted.

Remote control devices

These are control panels with remote control devices, on your steering wheel. You can use them to work things like your indicators, wipers, and headlights.

This can also include a steering aid so you can steer and operate your vehicle with one hand.

Hand controls

These are useful if you find braking or accelerating difficult. You push or pull a level to control the speed of your vehicle.

There are many types of hand controls.

Electronic accelerators

These might help if you have limited mobility in your legs.

There are many different types of electronic accelerators and they all come with a hand-controlled brake.

High-tech controls

These combine an electronic accelerator with electronic braking. They let you control your vehicle with a joystick. You can use them in cars or Drive From Wheelchair Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (DFWs).

Find an installer

Arrange a review

You can see adaptations prices, but we recommend you get advice from an adaptations installer before you decide.

Lower body

These help you drive from the waist down, like a left-foot accelerator.

An image of a pedal modification that bring them closer to the dirvers seat

Left foot accelerator

Pedal modifications

You can have pedals extended to bring them closer to your driving seat.

There are other pedal modifications you can have too. Most of them are only suitable for automatic vehicles.

Left foot accelerators

You can have one of these fitted if you have limited mobility in your right leg.

The original accelerator is either protected or folded away.

Find an installer

Arrange a review

Explore other adaptations

Speak to an adaptations installer

An installer can talk to you about adaptations and help you choose what’s right for you. They can then recommend which types of vehicle suit the adaptations you need.

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What you’ll get in our worry‑free package

Insurance cover

Advice from an adaptations installer

Installers have the knowledge and skills to recommend the right adaptations for your needs.

Insurance cover

Insurance cover

We’ll arrange this for you. You can add up to three named drivers and can change these at any time.


Servicing and MOT

We’ll cover your regular services and routine repairs, to keep your vehicle running perfectly.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover

We’ll give you RAC cover, so you can travel with peace of mind.

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Support with your electric car

We’ll arrange and cover the standard cost of a home chargepoint and its installation, or give you access to the bp pulse network of over 9,000 public chargepoints. This depends on a few things

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