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  1. What happens if a Motability Scheme customer passes away?

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    Should a customer die during their lease, a family member should contact us as soon as possible. You can either call us on 0300 456 4566 , or fill in our Notification of a customer passing away form .

    A permitted driver can drop the car off at the dealership or alternatively we will arrange for the vehicle to be collected at a convenient time. In the interim, permitted drivers can continue to make use of the car for journeys in connection with the affairs of the customer. The car will continue to be insured until it is handed back or collected by us.

    You will also need to inform the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The Government offers a 'Tell Us Once' service that allows you to notify most government organisations in one go, including the DWP and DVLA. If the customer was the registered keeper of the vehicle ('the hirer' named in the contract hire agreement), the DVLA will automatically remove them as the registered keeper, which will leave the vehicle untaxed. As we are unable to re-tax the vehicle, if possible, we ask that you let us know before using this service so that we can ensure named drivers can continue using the vehicle until it is returned.

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