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  1. Why are there two websites with information about the Motability Scheme?

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    There are two organisations which work closely together to deliver the Motability Scheme. These are Motability Operations Ltd and Motability, the charity. Both organisations have their own website providing information on the services and support they each offer.

    We are Motability Operations Ltd, a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we operate the Motability Scheme. All Motability Scheme vehicles are leased to customers by us. On our Motability Scheme website you will find information on leasing a vehicle through the Scheme as well as information for customers to support them during their lease.

    Motability, the charity, oversees and sets policy for the Motability Scheme. If customers are unable to afford the right mobility solution to meet their needs, Motability may be able to provide financial help. You can find information on financial support on the Motability Charity website.

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